Porcupine Canvas has been in business for over 30 years supplying various industries with a variety of products such as bags, cases, tipis and most notably, tents. Our prospector style tents are one of our staple items for the outdoor exploration and adventure industry. With this much experience, you can expect that we have perfected tenting in luxury. Geologists, hunters and anglers have been enjoying the benefits and comfort that these canvas walled tents where comfort is typically hard to come by. Our tents are ideal for hard to reach places such as deep forests, wetlands and rocky surfaces. They will help maintain a sense of practicality, while providing a reliable and relaxing environment.

The company recently underwent an overhaul in October 2015 and is now under the ownership and management of Ms. Brenda Hagerty. As she was previously the General Manager (GM), Brenda has much product as well as client knowledge and experience. Over the past 7 years, during which Brenda was the GM, Porcupine Canvas has worked with various high-end glamping resorts such as Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island. We pride ourselves on being able to provide them with such quality tents that they have been listed as one of the most sought after resorts in North America. We provide them with technical expertise and work with them to develop the most high-end quality tents that meet their needs.

Clayoquot’s “glamping” approach has been increasing significantly in others realms such as resorts, hotels, ecotourism, national parks, kayaking adventure tours, ranches, nature retreats and spas – just to name a few. The natural environment this type of accommodation provides has received immense interest in the tourism industry and the possibilities are endless – including even adding a separate mini-tent adapted for use as doggie lodging. It is because of this up and coming trend, in January 2016, Porcupine Canvas decided to divide the business and create an entirely revamped tent branch in order to properly cater to a wider variety of clients. We hope that you will consider us for all of your tenting in luxury needs.