Tipi Options

Tipi Liners

A tipi liner encircles the lower interior walls, helps to seal the bottom from drafts, assists with ventilation and adds extra insulation space for colder weather. A must if you plan on having fire as it helps create an updraft within the tipi to help the smoke rise up through the smoke flaps. These panels are 6′ high but are also available in 9′ for the larger tipis. Bottom 18″ woven poly to prevent rot, and mesh at the top and bottom to secure to the poles.

Tipi Door Options

Standard door is simply buttoned on the outside of the tipi.
the Deluxe door has an extra gusset sewn into the flap. The door is then buttoned at the top on the outside and the gusset mounts to the top on the inside forming a sort of eavestrough to prevent water from entering the tipi when it rains.

Tipi Rain Cone

Need we say more?

Pins & Stakes

Lacing pins weave the lacing pin holes together up the front of the tipi holding the two sides securely together. Stakes secure the tipi to the ground.