Glamping Tents

For centuries campers and cottagers worldwide have built precious family traditions by experiencing tenting together in the great outdoors.

The recent “Glamping” (glamorous camping) phenomenon has taken the outdoor tourism industry by storm. Now, you too can enjoy a custom built luxury tent with our new affordable, quick to install and dismantle sleeping cabins and bunkie solutions – perfect for use at your cottage or home property anywhere.

With knowledgeable staff, the Tenting in Luxury team will assist in understanding your individual needs and then custom design a tent unique to your desires. We will also supply very simple construction plans that include a list of all materials needed and easy directions on how to erect the tents from the ground up, eliminating all the guesswork.

Used by word renowned resorts, such as Clayoquot Wilderness Resort and Siwash Lake Lodge, hotels, ecotourism, national parks, kayaking adventure tours, ranches, nature retreats and spas – to name a few. Our Glamping tents provide for your every pampering need yet still allow you to be “one with nature”.

Glamping Tents:

Prospector Style Tents

Our Prospector Style tents are designed for use with an external frame and are suitable for 3 season use.

The tent is reinforced at the peak and eaves with webbing to ensure maximum strength for mounting. Stainless Steel Grommets are installed every 2′ along these strips as well as along the base perimeter for mounting it to your platform. All interior stress points are reinforced to ensure that the tents will hold up to strong winds.

We use only premium grade 100% canvas fabrics in our construction and all seams are triple stitched to ensure a strong and lasting use. These tents are available in two fabrics; natural 10oz canvas and also a fire retardant 10.10 oz. Army Duck Sunforger canvas, which is the canvas of choice for the Glamping industry. It is water and mold resistant as well as fire retardant and meets all North American fire codes.

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Internal Frame Tents

The internal frame style tent is designed to be mounted on our aluminum frames, which can be ordered separately, or your own wooden frame structure.

All our seams are triple stitched for long lasting strength and durability. Peaks, eaves and corner stress points are all reinforced with a strong fire retardant vinyl. The bottom of the tents can either be finished with a grommet strip to be mounted on a platform or with a 12” sod cloth if they are being installed on the ground.

Fabricated out of a premium quality 10.10 oz Fire Retardant Army Duck Sunforger Canvas, this fabric is water repellent and mildew resistant while retaining its breathability.

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