Majestic Tipis

A tipi is a conical shaped canvas house that was designed and refined by various Native American tribes. The tipi was valued for its transportability and its flexibility in terms of climate and weather. In hot weather, a tipi dweller has only to open up the smoke flaps and maybe lift up part of the wrap to catch any moving air, while in cold weather, tipis can be heated by wood fires and made warmer with additional liners and windbreak fencing. At Porcupine Canvas / Tenting in Luxury all tipi covers have triple stitched seams for better strength. Reinforcing is added to buttonholes, smoke flap, peg loops, door opening and lift pole flaps. The optional liner helps seal the bottom from critters, ads an extra layer of insulation for colder weather and most importantly helps create an updraft within the tipi to help the smoke rise up and out through the smoke flaps. Cover rope ties the tripod poles together and is long enough to reach the ground so that it can be staked down to the center of the tipi in the event of strong winds. We manufacture a wide range of tipi sizes from 6’ up to 30’ in diameter. Rest assured that no matter what you dream of Porcupine Canvas / Tenting in Luxury can make it happen.


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