Dog house

Our dogs are more than just animals; they are our companions, our best friends, family. There is nothing like going for a long walk in the park with our favorite four-legged friend and getting that “thank you, you’re the best” look when you unbuckle their leash. At Porcupine Canvas/Tenting in Luxury, we understand how amazing it feels to have a dog, hence why we have created a prototype of the perfect doghouse. Our prototype tent is elegant, chic and perfect for your dog. The tent is made of natural canvas, which allows the air to go through, but not the rays of the sun. This product will be ready to launch in the fall, once we have perfected it. Your dog will have the best nap in our tent because it is just such a fresh and relaxing tent. Treat your dog like royalty; you know he is worth it.


  1. Hello! I know this is a crazy request but I would like a portable tent to contain my horses for camping. I would like a floor where they could graze in a different place each night. They are well broke (3 of them). Maybe about 15 x 15 or so?

    1. Hi, I am sure it is possible. We will try to get in contact with you in the coming days however if you have a minute call us at 705-268-7878 to work something out.

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