Tenting in Luxury

We now have the perfect venue to show off our beautiful products. The showroom is finished and filled with the different products that we manufacture. As you enter into the showroom, you may need to stop and stare for a while because it feels like you have stepped into a new world. It all starts with an eye-catching fireplace. The artificial fire surrounded by a wooden seating area gives off this camp-like “s’mores by the pit” feeling. On its right is our prospector style tent. Left partially open as a tease, it shows you what real luxury is. Furnished meticulously it allows the audience to go back in time. The interior is sophisticated but filled with just what one may need on a glamping trip. The second tent has a dinning room interior. Porcupine Canvas/ Tenting in Luxury stayed with the vintage of the first tent but added hints of modernity with the furniture. As you enter this spacious tent, you cannot help but desire to be there with your family for a meal or just to play board games as a family. The dinning room is linked to an elegant bathroom, to show you that our tents can have added room or decors tailored to your desire. It is simple but perfect, just what you need to feel at home. Overall, the Porcupine Canvas/Tenting in Luxury showroom, is more than just a room; it is an invitation to dream bigger. It draws you in, and welcomes you to a simpler time. A time of joy, fun and adventure filled with relaxing family moments.


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