Miners bag

Miners risk their lives every day to allow us to receive the small pleasures of life. Their job is to go underground and find the rare metals and minerals hidden on earth. Those gems are what help make our iPhone, engagement rings and many other electronic devices. Their job consist of operating heavy tools and machinery subsurface, in deserted areas. They spend days just searching for precious rocks in dark, wet and hot conditions. We love our heroes, hence why Porcupine Canvas/Tenting in Luxury provide them with rugged hiv-iz bags to ease the intensity of their job and improve safety. Our bags provide a secure way to transport all their equipment while helping maintain high visibility. We are able to fabricate custom bags in such a way that workers are able to not just carry equipment in the mines but also reach those valuable tools in tight spaces. Porcupine Canvas/ Tenting in Luxury bags are not just a quality that can be felt; they are an indispensable product.


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