What does Glamping mean?

Glamping is not a new term. In the 16th century royal families often glamped while on visit to their cousins in foreign lands. The goal then was to bring with them the comfort and luxury of home while abroad. King Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France were the most extravagant glampers of their era. They are known to have brought with them a huge amount of luxurious furniture and servants. In 2005, UK posh UK campers decided to put a name to the activity and called it Glamping. Five centuries later things have not changed. When going glamping you may experience the fresh air amazing tents filled with sophisticated furniture. The tents Porcupine Canvas / Tenting in Luxury have created for you is nothing less than what we would have made for kings and queens of our times. The comfort in simplicity of our tents will leave you awe struck. In addition, we do not just make tents for your glamping experience. We fit them for your every need. We did not invent glamping but let us reinvent it for you.

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Pictures from Clayoqote Resort

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