Who are we?

Porcupine Canvas Manufacturing Ltd. is an ever-growing company. The company started in Schumacher ON, creating industrial sewn products for the mining industry. A decade later, we felt like we could broaden our horizons by designing and fabricating tents for exploration companies. We were able to achieve our goals by expanding our local networks into Canada-wide connections. Our products could be found hard at work throughout the mining industry as well as in the ever-broadening “glamping” world. Our entrepreneurial experiences took us into markets we never thought imaginable. This type of work excited us and we hoped to continue exploring new trends while remembering our humble roots.

In 2015, we went through an ownership change. It was with careful review of our products, and setting our sites on the horizon, that we realized our future would be in tents. In 2016, Porcupine Canvas decided to develop a new website dedicated to this end. It is from here that our Tenting in Luxury brand was born. This website allowed us to cater to a wider range of clients, not simply to the industrial sector. Our newly expanded client base meant we would need more help and expertise, which was unfortunately not available to us in Schumacher.

In 2017, Porcupine Canvas decided to move our operations to a state of the art facility near Montreal in Boucherville, Quebec. With Montreal being a haven for industrial sewing, we knew that we would be able to have the best chance at an experienced work force. Porcupine Canvas / Tenting in Luxury’s goal is for our products to be used around the globe and we strive every day to put our customers first. For us, great customer service is having a high quality product shipped in a timely fashion.  We do not rest until our clients are happy and we have made their dreams come true; we follow through by doing our best to build long lasting relationships. So please, consider us for your next tent. We promise to make it worth your while.

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175 Jules Leger Boucherville, QC, J4B 7K8



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