Wrench holders and Pouches

Building projects are so much fun. Whether it is to assemble Ikea furniture or construct a tree house for the kids, one can always rely on those projects to give you a sense of self-esteem at the end of it. The key tools to have at your side are your wrench and your screwdriver. With those in hand and the will to succeed, nothing is impossible. Have you ever been on a project and finally after hours of wrestling with the blue print you have three more screws left. The only problem is that the wrench is on the floor and you are holding your masterpiece in place with both your hands. Let us help avoid this frustration. Porcupine Canvas / Tenting and Luxury bring a third option to the table with a wide range of tool holders and pouches. One of our favorites is the double wrench holder. It allows you to have the two key tools within your reach at all time. We do our best to look after you even in the small details.

So please contact us, we have the type of construction help you need.


Porcupine Canvas manufacturing LTD / Tenting in Luxury

175 Jules Leger Boucherville, QC, J4B 7K8


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